About Us

Meet The Owner

Dani Fattizzi

Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m Dani! Being a part of the hospitality industry for over 15 years has allowed me to see what makes service to clients and customers truly a five-star experience which was at the forefront of my mind when I decided to create Euphoria Vacation Homes. I set out determined to curate luxury spaces and serene lodging experiences that most others only dream about. Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, our vacation homes are fully equipped with amenities that make us truly one-of-a-kind in our market. I am lucky to have a wonderful support system, 2 perfect dogs and have entered my 30’s full of gratitude! My passions are saving animals, beauty products and riding my Peleton bike!

Meet The Team

Jessey Mitchell

Operations Manager

I’m Jessey! I am a true St. Augustinian. I got my first job in customer service at the age of 15 and have had some connection with the industry ever since. I have seen the ebbs and flows as things around my hometown have evolved. I have seen the rise in tourism, and I have seen the growth in the number of locally owned businesses in the area. When Dani came to me with the opportunity to also be a part of a locally owned business full time, well, I could not turn her down — considering she is my best friend. I am beyond grateful to be a part of a team that strives for not only 100% owner and guest satisfaction, but a team and company that values and respects women, the environment, and the hustle.

Tammy Savage

Field Manager

Hey everyone! I’m Tammy! I’m just a Michigander, who moved to St. Augustine to escape the frozen tundra. I’m a wife to my best friend, mother to two amazing children, and also mother to a small farm of pets. Working for Euphoria Vacation Homes has been a huge blessing in my life. It has allowed me to reconnect with what drives me as an individual, outside of the role I play for my family. Though our whole team is locally based, we all have the desire for travel and adventure. I know in return the growth of this company limitless and I’m here for the ride!

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